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Apr 3, 2014 / 5 notes


The exciting time of preparation preceding every New Moon Meditation brings me intense pleasure. In the hours prior to our monthly meditation, I receive the guidance and the insights of the energies and understandings that will unfold during the time we spend together, in the inner and outer connection with the Moon. The last New Moon brought us the awareness of the warrior, the plenitude of new beginnings, the imagination of the pioneer, the courage of the discoverer, as well as the ability to fight the good fight; meaning don’t let anger take the upper hand and re-create a world of separation around you.

For some reason, in preparation of this last New Moon I was compelled to rent and watch one of the most recently popular Disney movie called “Frozen.”

As it has happened, over the past few months people have spoken about “Frozen” with emphasis and inspiration, not to mention that during a recent visit to the west coast, my step daughter and her step daughter (we like to think that the ‘step’ has put us on the ‘olympic’ pedestal of the heart) both at unison started to sing the song “Let It Go” from the very Disney movie “Frozen”. As their sweet voices carried the melody reaching meaningful vibes, I felt gifted with a moment of intimacy.

Now, if I was expecting a romantic fairytale where the perfect love would kiss the perfect good girl, while the bad queen needed to be punished (classical case of duality) I was certainly set for a surprise. I was, in fact, touched by the gentle way in which Disney had chosen to reverse many of the principles of the old world of duality present in so many of its tales.

First of all, this story is about the acceptance and celebration of one’s shadow self. The paradigm’s of the bad and the good is all of sudden powerless and ultimately nonexistent. The heroine is not the fun, good hearted little sister Anna that has been unjustly abandoned, but rather Elsa, who has lost her innocence when she discovered that her magic has aspects that she can’t yet “control”.

Interestingly, it is the presence of magic in nature through the Trolls’ wisdom that ask: Is she born with it or cursed? What a concept to introduce to young minds; a new awareness is given with the opportunity to distinguish and accept one’s own nature. The warnings are also as profound as easily misunderstood; “Fear will be your enemy”. How many of us has feared our nature making it into a shadow? How many of us has chosen isolation and self-repression rather than engaging in self exploration and self love? “The mind can be changed, but the heart…” is another concept that regards the heart as a life giver, an important place to care for and protect.

The love duet between the little sister Anna and the Prince underlines the fallibility of the idealistic romantic love at first sight with the mocking phrase “we finish each other’s sandwich” emphasizing the gullible nature of wanting to belong, regardless of the cost. We allow neediness to paint our reality and let our bad judgment prevail, yielding the trust of our own kingdom to a stranger.

In this new flow of reversed principles the “True act of love” that will save the princesses life, it is not the romantic kiss that brings back the beloved, but rather the selfless conscious choice to act out of unconditional love, regardless of the apparent consequences. It is in the choice of the non-individualistic love that one’s heart is formed, and it is this true life force that becomes a personal motivation of existence.  

The glorious finale is given by the overall theme - would you give it to the power of love - where the heroine not only has accepted her nature, but finally has mastered it through experiencing love instead of self repression and allowing her power to expand and express itself in all it’s creative aspects for the benefit of everyone in the village. True love now reigns and it manifests in all its aspects; self-love, romantic love, collective love, abundance, fun, and contentment.

Needless to say, I felt grateful for witnessing yet another shift in our culture manifesting in such radical ways; I definitely felt inspired and less demanding when asking people during the meditation to believe that the world is ready for a change, for a reality that needs and wants to become more inclusive, following the traces of unconditional love.

Mar 27, 2014 / 1 note

New Moon in Aries: Warrior of The Heart


The last Equinox energy flux and the upcoming New Moon in Aries with its strong, passionate, fiery spirit, has created a sort of vacuum energy that is causing people lack of sleep and lack of inner peace.

In times like these, we are tested in our level of evolution, as we have a clear opportunity to witness ourselves and discover how free we are from old programming. Are we truly able to embrace the world as One and not see others as separate from us? Are we willing to forgive ourselves and others? Well, maybe yes, maybe most of the time, maybe not so.

When situations that are not harmonious and in alignment with our way of living and perceiving trust and relationships, suddenly present themselves, it’s very easy to be caught by surprise and to shift into a reactive mode of defensiveness and separateness.

I recently came to witness a reality of meanness and insincerity present in people’s actions and words. Aries carries hero’s energies and a strong instinct to combat for the care of the weaker and it heavily influenced me into choosing to dig out old ancestral energies of warrior.

This experience left me in a state of confusion mixed with shock and surprise, then I realized that Aries is the archetype of the warrior, the survivor, the initiator, and that would explain the instinct to fight to make a stand. The Aries energies of courage, directness and will power supported the deep inherited ancestral fire that got ignited when boundaries were crossed and the need of defense and protection kicked in to compensate for unfairness.

Following the various moon cycles has added so much more awareness and brought so much emotional intelligence to my understanding. Even though I comprehend the need of protection at times and the value of standing up for ourselves, or anybody that is wronged in our presence, is important, I still think it’s a compensatory state of mind and a huge waste of time.

We are forced to compensate when we have not spent enough time creating the reality that we want to create. When situations of disharmony are presented in our reality it is a sign that there is still a lack of healing/creative focus in some areas of our life. This is the part of us that is still subject to the past, immersed in old energies lying dormant in memories, that is reclaiming oxygen and comes alive when least expected.

When we expend energy in fighting a reality that doesn’t work for us, it is a sign that we have missed the opportunity to contribute in creating a more balanced reality. At this time we are given, like never before, the ability to focus on what we want to create for ourselves and our planet. Even though it feels like a large task, it is still possible to do it and it is important not to lose that perspective.

Integrate more and more aspects of yourself during the auspicious time of the Aries New Moon Meditation on March 30th at 7:30pm. Join our virtual event from anywhere in the world, or come to Centro in NYC to share your vulnerability and to re-create new layers of harmony and balance.

Feb 27, 2014

Action by Inspiration


This week leading energies seem to be action by inspiration. What does it mean to use inspiration in our actions? It means following with our intuition/imagination what truly inspires us. It means to have the courage to take the actions needed to deliver the changes that we are ready to make in order to achieve what we aim to achieve. When our actions are moved by inspiration, they are effortless, passionate and insightful. There is no stagnation, but rather understanding, curiosity and a sense of adventure.
Sometimes inspiration calls for courage, especially when it’s required to let go of a life long adopted belief/routine that has become a false pillar, creating a wall between us and our vigilant self.
What are the routines that you have been in for the last few years? Start to question them.
How many routines do you have? What are there for? Maybe they are preventing you from seeing something that you are looking for, or maybe it is your way of avoiding thinking or feeling.
When we start doing things automatically and without questioning, we stop choosing what we are doing. In this state of unawareness we may be cutting off the very opportunities that we are looking for, asking for and waiting for.
Another aspect of routines is taking things for granted. Maybe we take for granted that we have to do it all, maybe we think that we will never be this or that or maybe we think that we already “know” what’s best for us.
Inspiration on the other end is flexible and vulnerable. It stimulates our creativity, makes us see what was invisible before, (even though was under our nose) and creates effortless actions.
When we settle for routines, being it meeting the same people, going to the same places, or just assuming the same reality, there are parts of us that check out. We go for what feels secure and familiar, and therefore the Universe is prevented from “inserting” little changes here and there, that would allow our perspectives to slightly, but surely change.
Change of perspective creates new experiences, movement, and possibilities. It keeps us open and curious, so that when a new horizon manifests, we can actually become aware of it.
A new perspective represents an experience ready to manifest, a switch in our direction, a new reality that wants to be seen. When we allow our intuition to receive visions and insights we are ready to ride the wave of action by inspiration.
This is the new way of living. There is no need to suffer or sacrifice years trapped in long repetitive experiences. Allow inspiration to show you the way that works best for you and let go of everything that is stagnant, obsolete, and unfulfilling.
Feb 20, 2014

Self Abandonment


Very often we ignore our emotions, either to please people around us or because it is expected that we should or shouldn’t “feel” in a certain way. When we do so, we start to separate from that part of us that demands self expression and attention.

With this state of mind a sense of loneliness, being doomed, or feeling unfortunate, starts to creep in, and an overall sense of abandonment takes place. Without realizing it, we unconsciously create or feed the most negative and dangerous among all emotions; Self Abandonment.

Self abandonment is damaging, not only on an emotional level creating a reality made of denial and scarcity, but also promotes the implantation of physical diseases. This experience can manifest for a very short period of time or can become the platform for a long sad life. In both cases the experience of inner separation is somehow seeded in our unconsciousness and can pop out at any time and surprise us when least expected.

To heal the different parts of us that have been paused into a parallel space, playing again and again the same emotional story like a broken record, we need to dedicate private time with the intention to engage our inner nurturer in a conscious inner dialogue. With the help of a guide or inner guide, we can start a lovingly relationship with the emotions that are being experienced inside by our abandoned self and unify him/her with the aware self of the present moment.

There are a series of basic emotions that need to be integrated in our energetic field to bring the inner stability and create the level of awareness necessary to allow inner inclusiveness. To know, embrace, and balance the vibrations of emotions within our spectrum of attitudes and beliefs, it’s important to meditate on them from a very high perspective.


Part of the work that needs to be done, is based on the ability to recognize the roots of the story connected to each emotion and willingly substitute negative emotions with more positive and productive ones. For example, it is advisable to choose to embrace and work with the energy of trust, to let go of fear of the future, or develop a meditation routine and assume a series of attitudes to create inner peace, so as to substitute protectiveness.

With a renewed perception of ourselves and our inner life, we realize a better connection and a deeper relationship with our emotions. Therefore we move to a place where all is inclusive and full of life and the memory of our Divine Source, where ALL is Love, is reignited and activated.

Feb 6, 2014

Mastering Our Emotions


Mastering our emotions is the key to a long and serene life. Emotions are alive and part of large vibrational fields in the Universe.

Artists, actors, painters, and musicians know it very well.  Through the intention of interpretation, they go through a process of symbiosis within these emotional fields to emphasize them into a specific form of art. Thanks to the many talented and dedicated artists, and their art work present on this planet, we have the opportunity to collectively experience all kinds, and often deep-seated, emotions that would otherwise probably stay dormant.

Very often, unruled emotions run our lives and, while we are in the midst of it, we like to think we are the only ones experiencing them. Not only do emotions affect each one of us, and therefore are not just personal, but the illusion that we are the only one experiencing specific emotions, creates a thick wall of separation with the rest of the world.


As the artist of our own life, when we experience deeply a specific emotion, we need to be aware of how this very emotion plays out in the world. We need to be knowledgeable of how to balance it, by tuning into its opposite. For example, when we experience the need to communicate we need to also allow the vibration of assimilation to come in also, so to include synchronistically our ability to listen and therefore create a balanced exchange.

Choosing a path of Happiness and Joy is the goal of 2014 for whoever wishes to embrace the Human Self and the Divine Self, releasing any form of separation within and without.

Jan 23, 2014

The Horse Spirit

We are about to connect with a second New Moon in our first month of this new year, 2014. The second New Moon of the year traditionally celebrates the Chinese New Year and the New Moon on January 31st begins the year of the Wooden Horse. Accordingly to Chinese tradition, the Horse qualities will affect not only the people that are born in horse year, but all of us during 2014.

The energy of the Horse will bring positivity, strength, nobility, and independence to our spirit, allowing emotions and events to move quickly, deeply, and in big ways. Be ready to feel quite a shift from the slow pace of the Year of The Snake that allowed us careful pondering and planning during 2013.

This New Moon also is in conjunction with Aquarius.  Interestingly enough there seems to be a vibrational coherence between the Aquarius energies of excitement, flexibility, vision, manifestation, humor, its tendency to have a worldly view, and the overall Horse’s qualities.

To be in sync with all the gifts that this New Moon brings, we will connect to the Horse spiritual energies and metaphysical powers during our next Co-Creation meditation. We’ll tune into the Horse Animal Spirit to borrow his sense of knowing, mystery, wildness, and untamed spirit.  The Horse Power Animal has always been the warrior companion in our journeys; we can use this ancient relationship to get ready to venturing into unknown lands, never procrastinating again, bringing victory to our intentions through decisive actions.

As we tune into the 2014 river of life, the need for freedom is going to pervade our hearts and the wisdom of becoming a Free Spirit will be available for the souls that crave it. We may find ourselves choosing attitudes that include adventurous traveling, curiosity, courage, elegance and grace.

This is a good time to choose to give voice to your passions, freedom, nobility of self expression, allowing elegance to be the viacle that brings victory, power and strength into your life. Join us on January 31st at 7:30pm, virtually or in person, to magnify and integrate this wonderful new reality in your being, through guided meditations and healing songs. Living in the present and planning well are very important this year, so as to avoid the risk of going quickly toward the wrong direction.

Jan 10, 2014

Emanating Light

Last week’s SoulReport was navigating us into the realms of the new way of regenerating our energy and creating a new outlook of life. This week, the Angels are continuing emphasizing the importance of using Nature’s energy to cleanse and fulfill our hearts.

As explained in the January New Moon report it is very important to connect the first chakra with the seventh chakra. These two opposite chakras are connected by the pranic tube (imagine a flow of light running between your first and seventh chakras). The pranic tube brings light and vitality to all chakras and inner organs, but if you are carrying heavy energy or discordant thoughts, these will clutter your pranic tube and your vitality will be drained

To let go of your emotional and energetic debris allow the quality of transformation and transmutation present in Nature to absorb them. Imagine your first chakra spreading its roots towards the core of the earth and absorb earthly vital flow to feed your energy in the same way that a tree or a flower is fed. To receive this enormous and effortless energy, it is required for us to live in the present - that means not entertaining thoughts that take our attention to the past or getting caught with anxiety for the future.

If the latter is your very problem and you do often find yourself thinking again and again about past events, feeling consequently tight and closed up, don’t worry Nature has a solution for that as well.

When we live our life in a state of fear and protection, our energy lines are jammed and we experience a lot of obstacles or at least a lack of ease. If that’s your case, lay down with your spine touching the floor, connect with the transformative and regenerative energy of Mother Earth and mentally ask for your energetic lines to be extended and expanded outwardly in alignment with the frequencies of the Masters. Repeat it a few times until you feel lighter and at ease.  

To empower the seventh chakra tune into the energy of Divine Love and let that Light shine into it. With your third eye chakra start to observe its colors, its shape, the lightness, and the number of petals of its flower. Become familiar with the feelings that the Light brings and don’t hesitate to bathe in the beauty of its celestial colors.

Once you have cleared the pranic tube, start to receive the Light coming from above and below into your heart and when you perceive that your heart starts to grow full of love and inspiration, start that love into your entire being including your subtle bodies.  

When you feel strong enough, start to radiate the light from your heart and emanate it in your space and the people that surround you.

Because you are in direct connection to the Source during this practice, you are not using your personal energy and therefore you will not get tired nor depleted. However, symptoms of expansion and regeneration can appear, so don’t worry if you feel light headed.

This is one of the many tools given by the Angels to start to walk toward our path to Ascension.

I am looking forward to receiving more instructions and tools, and to share them with all of you!

Dec 31, 2013

New Year, New You

Starting the New Year with a New Moon is quite a new beginning. 2014 will bring a new  awareness about what works and what doesn’t anymore. The VitalitySoul New Moon Meditations focus on uplifting all the different aspects that the Universe presents to us through the magnifying lenses of the New Moon. For this particular new year: a new beginning powerhouse New Moon, the Angels are guiding us to new levels of understanding and new grounds of Oneness.

As Linda Hill puts it “[W]e have had some big lunations, but this new Moon is a major doozy - a very powerful and incendiary new Moon. We have the Moon, the Sun, Pluto and Mercury all together within a few degrees of each other, very closely squaring Mars in Libra, also squaring Uranus in Aries and opposing Jupiter….Pluto is almost exactly conjunct (together with) this new Moon. This makes this new Moon a very powerful, transformative, challenging, interesting, insightful, difficult and intense time.”

To avoid being transported into darkness by so many intense energies in play all at once, we are being guided to master a few elements within our personal reach.

The “Opening of the Gates”!

It is important to initiate a clear connection with Mother Earth and the strengthening of the Crown chakra: The Angels have shown how Nature and aliveness are important to allow Plenty from above to reach us. While in the past, we have more often felt the need to protect ourselves and release the negatives that we perceived inside ourselves, now it’s time to open ourselves to the connection through our First and Seventh chackras. Allowing these two chakras to be firmly grounded in both directions, will facilitate a powerful stream of energy to come in from the Universe and from the core of Mother Earth. As you prepare to receive, empower your chackras with Light and Love for the Divine, the Angelic forces, and allow Divine Guidances to come through and dwell in you. This will take you into a state of receiving and recycling. All that needs to go, starts to move organically out, and with your clear intent to let go and let life take over, you’ll experience the Peace that reigns within the flow of the present.

No more scapegoats needed!

This is a New Era implanting itself. One of the old energies that had moved the old world was the need in societies to have scapegoats. That is the need to create victims that are consciously or unconsciously willing to carry societies’ negative projections. As we grow into awareness and start to love and transform our shadows, the need to please or condemn anybody else will become obsolete.

We are One!

This concept is going to expand in a very large way. Being One, will include complete respect towards the Animal Kingdom, Water Kingdom, Plant Kingdom to name a few, and will affect our ideas about food, weather conditions, money, energy consumption and much more. Know that your everyday choices of consumption can affect the entire world economy. Everything you do counts!

Self Mastery!

Self Mastery is the way to go. Self mastery means self reliance, self observation, self love, inner listening, gratitude, and learning how to ask and how to receive. To master oneself, you must start cultivating the innocence of a child, and humbly ask for what’s needed. Get into the habit of connecting with your Angels or Guides, and ask for the qualities that you would like to exhibit in your personality. The Wish Activation Cards are a perfect tool to ask for inner Qualities and Balance daily. Co-created with Archangel Gabrielle, they are tuned into a very high level of Providence, and attune the Spirit of those who use them directly with the Angels and Masters in charge of his/her evolution.

Empowering the Feminine.

Empowering the feminine is not a gender exclusive activity. It means growing into the consciousness of the Divine Feminine God that has the quality of life giving, nurturing, and the sensual connection with the Elementals of Nature. It allows Mother Earth’s energy to go through your chakras and restore the gentle life force of the heart; it creates Unity and Respect of all different manifestations of life.

Join us on January 2nd, at 7:30pm to experience a community that tunes into the inner power, to gain insights and guidance, using tools of Self Love and Compassion. 2014 is going to be a big year and everything that has been sown in 2013, is going to manifest on a larger scale.

I wish you all, a most Enlightened and Powerful New Year!!!

Dec 3, 2013

New Moon Meditation: Intense Yearning for Gratitude


In the flow of the waves of Thanksgiving celebrations I realized more than ever that gratitude widens our view of love and its expressions in more ways than we could normally imagine.

Gratitude has always been on my conscious radar reminding me that it is Gratitude that fuels lines of Divine Connections and opens doors of abundance. When we tune into gratitude we immediately see all through colorful lenses that surrounds us and we start to feel blessed for our life’s conditions, wherever they are, instead of lingering in self judgmental shoulds and shouldn’ts.

When gratitude takes the front leap in the perception of our reality it becomes easier to appreciate and recognize how much we receive; every detail of love that we share with anyone that we interact with comes alive and is meaningful.

As we tune into Gratitude we get into an ever-expanding field of love and grace that has the power to amplify our heart’s voice. As we tune into it, all of a sudden we start to hear a long list of reasons why we are truly blessed.

It is through riding these frequencies of appreciation that we are going to meditate and connect to the New Moon today at 7:30pm, virtually or at Centro in New York City.

Allow your heart to open to all that the Universe is ready to give to you and the Sagittarius energies to spread freedom, enrichment and fulfillment.




Mark your calendar:
Our next Co-Creating with the New Moon Meditation

New Moon in Sagittarius

Let yourself be guided, and take charge of your life

Join us in person for our LIVE NYC event:

Tuesday December 3rd, 2013 @ 7:30pm EST 
@ Centro Raccontami
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(on the SW corner of 6th Avenue)

Our next New Moon Meditation will also be hosted  as a LIVE tele-conference on
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 @ 7:15pm EST 
(Purchase a session and we will provide you with the conference line to join in)
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Nov 20, 2013 / 2 notes

SoulConnection Report: Re-think Your Money Relationship


The benefit of tuning in with Spirit is to allow ourselves to be present to a bigger reality unfolding around us and for us in the Universe. Right now the Full Moon in Taurus is gently inviting us to restore our health and sense of comfort while giving us the opportunity to re-establish a new relationship with money and responsibility. 

The Full Moon energy is powerfully uplifting and, as it moves the tides of the Oceans, it can move the deep layers of energies in us that need to be uprooted and banished.

Very often our relationship with finances has been implanted by our upbringing; ideas that were carried out by our parents, siblings, or society.

This is a perfect opportunity to question the roots of your beliefs about money: Do you allow fear of money to permeate your overall perception of life? Did you see your father or mother doing the same? Or did you grow up feeling guilty for having more money than your peers? Are you convinced that money controls people’s relationships? Or maybe you are ready to see money as a collaborator, an instrument of exchange to help you realize your dreams and life purpose?

Way too often we ride waves created by a reality that was already running itself to a black hole, much earlier than when we started to participate. As we become aware of our thought forms and our lineage’s DNA distortions, we can start new paths that will re-align our DNA strands.

Spirit is asking to recode our DNA and to take ownership of the responsibility of our choices. It takes courage, strength, and endurance to accomplish that. Taurus Full Moon supports us in the very foundation of our core values. It teaches us that nothing is more important or powerful than our heart and free will, and that everything is in the making: it’s up to us to make awaken choices.

Awareness is freedom! So, take your truth of abundance and infinite correlations in your heart, sit under the sky, and connect to your wisdom to release yours and your lineage’s poverty consciousness, beliefs of isolation, and obstacles.

They are all illusions of separation that build walls of restrictions in our heart. They are part of the old way of limiting beliefs and judgment.

There is a New Earth and a new wave of awakening, are you ready to jump in it?